Wood House Research Farm (Hampshire County, West Virginia)



The Wood House Research Farm participates in American Chestnut Foundation growing programs,
and our own Chinese and European chestnut cultures (for wild turkeys). We have an extensive White oak
(Quesrcus alba) stand, several excellent mature specimens of Swamp White oaks (Quercus bicolor), and developing
stands of Paw paws (Asimina triloba). We are preparing for our first culture of Shiitake mushrooms, and have wild-
growing Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus). We have horse trails and walking trails through five major
soil groups over a 200 ft. change in altitude from the riparian bottom land.


Jim Egenrieder's Grow-Out Stations Presentation

- see also, Potomac Conservancy's Growing Native site.







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